The Coronet Writers Lab
The Fountain Theater
5060 Fountain Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(310) 487-3758

Welcome to the web site for The Coronet Writers Lab!

The Coronet Writers Lab will begin a SATURDAY AM Lab starting February 21, 2015! 

Lab sessions will be held at 10 AM at The Working Stage Theatre 1516 North Gardner in Hollywood! 

Now Double the Creativity!!  Double the Fun!! 

Seeking wonderful writers and actors and actresses to be part of the excitement!

Big Congratulations to Lab alum MOIRA WALLEY-BECKETT for winning the Emmy for writing the episode, "OZYMANDIAS" for the now legendary series, "Breaking Bad". We eagerly look forward to the premiere of her new series "FLESH AND BONE"! 

Big Congratulations to Lab alum MICKEY FISHER for turning the town upside down with his script EXTANT! No longer unknown or unsigned, we look forward to what chills and surprises he and Amblin will bring to us in Season Two! ...Don't know if MALIA OBAMA was Mickey's personal assistant when she worked on the show, but am sure Mickey was diplomatic if she got his Starbucks order wrong. 

Big Congratulations to Lab alum MATT SAZAMA who is going from studio assignment to assignment! From his recently released DRACULA UNTOLD to his recently wrapped GODS OF EGYPT to work on THE LAST WITCH HUNTER to getting the job to adapt LOST IN SPACE for the big screen Matt and his partner are in huge demand! Will look forward to seeing Matt's work for years to come! 

Big Congratulations to UBAH MOHAMMED for being selected for the ABC Writers Program and from there earning a spot in the Writers Room on the new Amblin series, THE WHISPERS! Ubah spent time in Vancouver on set when her episode was shot! Looking forward to seeing the series premiere and her episode soon! 

...Hmm, EXTANT, THE WHISPERS -- I'm getting the feeling this Spielberg fellow likes our writers! 

Big Congratulations to GREGG OSTRIN for having his stage play KOWALSKI optioned by a European Theatrical Producer! Looking forward to a UK production some time in the Fall! 

Big Congratulations to SHAWN BOXE for getting representation for his body of writing work! Also for landing in the #2 spot on The Black List Most Downloaded Scripts of 2014 for his script BLEACH! 

Big Congratulations to JEFFREY SHAKOOR who is writing and producing Bloodline!

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The Coronet Writers Lab meets on Tuesday nights at 7 PM at The Fountain Theater
5060 Fountain Avenue, in Hollywood. Drop in and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!  
NOTE: It is best to contact the moderator (phone number at the left) before auditing, just in case we are "dark" that night.  The workspace is occasionally unavailable, and we'd hate to leave you waiting when nothing is going to happen.

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The Lab is always looking to add enthusiastic and committed writers, actors and actresses to its roster! The info here will bring you up to speed quickly on just who we are and what we do. 

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Mission Statement 
The Coronet Writers Lab is a group of professional writers and actors helping writers get their scripts to be the best they can be. 

General Info 
The Coronet Writers Lab started in 1997 and has been operating steadily since then, having recently celebrated our Seventeenth Anniversary. We are a Dramatic Writing Lab and by that I mean the scripts the writers develop are predominantly stage plays, screenplays, and teleplays. We are uniquely composed of writers and actors, for who better to bring the writer's characters to life? All in the Lab are actively pursuing and striving to make a living by their craft, writers by writing and actors by acting.

One of the most important characteristics of the Lab is that it is Positively Oriented -- we all want to help you the writer realize your script as powerfully, dramatically, comically and altogether fully as it can be. Because we're all in the same boat, sharing similar experiences with writing. No one is looking to rip you a new one, or make themselves feel better by tearing your script to shreds. If there is a weakness in your script we won't let you slide, you will be called out on it -- but only to the extent that a different take on the material may indeed serve to make it better. You must be solitary in order to get your writing done.

But once your script is finished, how do you know whether it's any good? How can you be totally objective about your work? That's difficult. But that is precisely where the strength of the Lab comes in. You cast your material and direct the actors. Then as they read your words and bring your characters to a rich life, the process affords you the rare opportunity to put your head down and listen, really listen to the work spring to life, and be as objective about your work as you can be. 

Utilizing the process of the Lab makes your work and your writing better. I have seen it happen over and over again. Because not only are you called upon to write, but you must offer up insights into your peers' scripts. Hearing a wide variety of material week after week and forcing you to hone in on what works or what doesn't work for you is an added benefit. It compels you to truly refine your analytical and critical thinking -- critical in the best sense of the word! And this only serves to help you in your writing. 

Above all we have a good time while we do this. There is a tremendous amount of laughter that takes place during a Lab, otherwise, what's the point? We take the work seriously but not ourselves. 

The Lab mee
ts every Monday evening at 7 PM. We meet at The Fountain Theater
5060 Fountain Avenue in Hollywood. Each night three writers bring in 30 minutes worth of material. They cast their scripts from the actors present and give as much or as little direction as they wish. When it is the writer's turn, the cast comes up on stage, the writer gives a brief, capsule description of where the story is at and then the reading takes place.

Following the reading the moderator brings the writer onstage for a period of focused and positively-oriented critiquing of the work heard. If a new script, the writer can then choose, on his next turn up, to present the next section, or, as has frequently happened, to go back, rewrite the original beginning and present that again. More often than not, this rewritten beginning is sharper, tighter and more focused than the first -- and provides a much clearer, more detailed picture to the writer of where the story wants to go! 

Over the years several screenplays developed in the Lab have been bought; almost a dozen have been optioned by various studios or production companies; two films have been shot and aired on the Lifetime Channel; plays have been produced by Pasadena Playhouse, Berkshire Theatre Fest and the Tony-winning Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago and over thirty plays have received commercial productions at smaller venues, locally and across the country. 

There is a very high caliber of work that comes from the Coronet Writers Lab! 

Once a writer has worked a script completely through the Lab, then he or she has earned the right to a Full-Length Reading. That means on a given Monday night, instead of three writers we hear one -- your script read all the way through! Usually you will cast from the actors in the Lab, rehearse as much as you can get the cast together, in an outside venue, and on the scheduled night, you may invite an outside audience in to hear your reading! 

Periodically the moderator has brought Guest Speakers in to the Lab to share of their expertise, experiences and insights. A few of our past speakers include: 

Charles Leavitt -- writer, Blood Diamond, K-Pax, In the Heart of the Sea, Seventh Son  
Jim Taylor -- writer, Sideways, About Schmidt, Election 
Chris Gerolmo -- writer/director, Mississippi Burning, Citizen-X, Over There, The Bridge   
Lee Blessing -- writer, A Walk in the Woods, Going to St. Ives, Eleemosynary, Cobb 
Rick Cleveland -- writer, Jerry and Tom, West Wing, Six Feet Under, Danny Bouncing, House of Cards, Nurse Jackie 
William Mastrosimone -- writer, Bang, Bang You're Dead, The Woolgatherer, The Burning Bed, Extremities, Sinatra 
Anne Spielberg -- writer, Big 
Lyle Kessler -- writer, Orphans, The Saint of Fort Washington, Robbers 

For writers, the fee is $75 per month. 

Actors participate for FREE!  However, they must audition or otherwise have permission of the moderator before they become active participants.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Involved? 
First audit a class -- it's free. Try the room on for size and see if the process we go through is one that would be positive for you! 

Then for writers, you must submit a full-length script, stage play or screenplay, whichever you feel shows off your writing best. The moderator will read it ASAP and get back to you to discuss it and take it from there. 

For actors, if you come recommended by a present member of the Lab, then no audition is required. If not, then you must audition for the moderator -- max. 2-minute contemporary monologue. 

Call the moderator, T. Jay O'Brien, at (310) 487-3758. 
T. Jay O'Brien has been the moderator of the Lab since its inception. As a member of SAG, AEA and AFTRA, T. Jay has numerous professional performing credits on stage, and on the small and large screen. As a member of WGA, he has written three screenplays which have been produced. He was hired by MGM to adapt the feature film Bird Man of Alcatraz for the stage. He created the reading draft and/or served as Narrator for the Studio table reads for the features The Spirit, Oblivion, Tron:Legacy, Faster, Beastly, Salvation Boulevard and The Submarine Kid.  He is a member of The Actors Studio, playwrights/directors unit, the Association of Los Angeles Playwrights and served as Associate Director for the Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble. 

 * * *

Now step away from the computer and get out and join a group! The Coronet Writers Lab is a dynamite group and may be the one you've been looking for! But even if it isn't, get out there and make things happen for yourself! 

And keep writing! Or acting! Or both!!